Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lie-Nielsen Open House at WoodCraft Atlanta This Weekend

 The Atlanta WoodCraft store is one of the best woodworking stores I've had the pleasure to visit. Owner Steve Quehl stocks everything you'd ever want or need for woodworking and this store also contains a state of the art teaching facility. Steve is a hand tool woodworking enthusiasts and his store is one of the few WoodCraft stores that stocks Lie-Nielsen tools.

This weekend I'll be there displaying a few of my planes and Representatives from Lie-Nielsen will be there to demonstrate and answer all your questions about their extensive line of tools, and if you run out of questions about their tools you can ask Tim what it's like to work on a Lobster boat off the coast of Maine.

There will also be a new face in hand tool woodworking present at the store this weekend as well. Jon Fiant is a custom woodworker that also happens to be a Woodworking bench builder. If you want a workbench that contains the renown BenchCrafted vises but don't have the time or inclination to build a bench, then Jon is the guy that can build that bench for you whether it be a solid top or split top Roubo or a Shaker style workbench or any other design you wish. He plans to have an in progress Shaker style bench at WoodCraft this weekend that features an integral device to make the bench easily movable. I'm looking forward to seeing this myself.

Hope to see you there,



  1. Good luck, Ron. I wish I could attend. Maybe next year.


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