Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Julie's Porch Part 5, Phase 1 Complete

Roofing the porch was a pretty typical shingle roofing job. I was lucky when all the shingles were in place and it was time to bridge the gap from the house roof to the porch roof. A piece of standard z flashing went under the house shingles on top of the drip edge and popped right into place with the wide flange tightly against the top of the last course of porch shingles. All that was required was a bead of roofing cement under the flashing and some evenly spaced nails to hold it in place.

Now that all the roofing components were in place it was time to protect everything from the elements. Two coats of an oil based primer and 2 coats of a quality exterior latex paint tied everything together visually.

We started this project in the fall and by the time we were at this point in the process the holiday season was approaching. We took a hiatus from the porch project so that I could concentrate solely on plane making.

 After the first of the year we turned our attention to the porch floor. Unfortunately I suffered a shoulder injury before we could install the flooring. No dramatic event caused the injury. It was due to overuse of that part of my body cause by the repetitive traversing of the table on my surface grinder. There was no way I could install the flooring until my shoulder had healed, however we needed to get this project completed so that when spring rolled around we could turn our attention to Phase 2 of this project, installing the screening.

Enter my good friend Jon Fiant. (pictured below)

 Some of you know Jon Fiant as a woodworker that has lately made the making of workbenches a large part of his focus.  The picture below is one of Jon's workbench creations utilizing BenchCrafted vises and Shaker Bench design.

I asked Jon to help me out with the flooring installation and to my delight Jon spent 2 days making an excellent job of laying the tongue and groove flooring, attaching it to the subfloor with stainless steel screws and leaving a precise spacing between each of the boards. Two coats of exterior stain later and Phase one of Julie's Porch was complete.

Looks inviting doesn't it? My son in law has begun calling this our sipping porch. Paul knows a good sipping porch when he sees one. We also do some rocking, some gliding and.....just sitting on this porch as well.

What do we sip? Well I'll leave that to your imagination.



  1. Looks fantastic, Ron. That's a great friend that will put down a floor for you!

    Hope your shoulder is getting better. Hope to see you in Amana!


  2. Thanks Neil,

    We're enjoying the porch. I'm looking forward to HandWorks. Great Venue and bunch of my favorite people to hang out with for a couple of days. What could be better?


  3. All your hard work has definitely paid off because that is one beautiful porch. It was a good idea to use paint that can protect it from the elements. Not only will that help make maintenance easier but it will also help make the structure last longer.Renew Crew Clean

  4. It’s nice that you decided to match the roof shingles on the porch with the rest of the roof. Gives it a look of continuity. Definitely a good porch for sipping. Or maybe add a few couches and make it your receiving room? Oh, the possibilities!

  5. Looks like it was there when the house was built. And your deck looks great! With some paint or stain, it’ll definitely last for years to come. Have fun on your new deck!