Saturday, October 12, 2013

Winter Smoother Different Flavor

I never ceased to be astounded how one can the take a plane form, apply different combinations of woods and surface treatments of the metal parts and create something that is quite different from the plane of the same form completed just a bit over a week earlier.

This particular plane, compared to the Olive and Stainless plane in the last post are as different as you could possibly expect when considering two objects using the same lines and overall form.

A darker wood, Rosewood in this case,  with contrasting highlights and brass with an aged patina, coupled with a plane body made from 0-1 steel creates an entirely different presence.

It's what makes this work so interesting and actually quite a bit of creative fun.



  1. oh man, Ron, that plane is something else!
    Just freaking awesome!

  2. I will be there soon to get it

  3. Thanks Carl,

    Looking forward to your visit Ted,