Monday, February 10, 2014

It's Been A Hard Winter

Everyone has had their share of extreme winter weather this year. The wolf in the picture below expresses a sentiment that many of us share.

I have many friends and family that live in the north. Iowa, Vermont, Brooklyn, NY. My friend Jameel Abraham emailed today to inform me that it was -19 in Cedar Rapids this morning. I can't even imagine conditions of that type and frankly I don't want to. I'll just continue right here in Georgia, and when it's 70 degrees in Iowa in late July and it's 100 degrees here and 100% humidity then all is fair.....I guess. I dunno -19.....that's pretty extreme.

As I told some guys in Minnesota one have all summer to leave from up here.

But home is home and we all endure.....and that's the way of life.

This weather will eventually end and spring will arrive,


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  1. The day I was married, March 1st 1980, the daytime temperature was -20. Over the years we've known stretches when it didn't get above 0 degrees for many days. Having built a passive solar house with a woodburning stove, every bit of heat is welcome and appreciated. Not one hot summer day do I ever take for granted! We've been lucky to be able to take January trips to the Caribbean the last few winters to recharge our stores of vitamin D. That has made a huge difference in being able to stick through the long winter.