Friday, May 5, 2017

Handworks 2 weeks away, a Video Featuring the Making of Lever Cap Screws

 I've been very busy putting the finishing touches on the planes I'll be bringing to Handworks. A couple weeks ago I shot some video while making some lever cap screws and thought it might be of some interest.


"You can't do people's thinkin' and feelin' for dem Rose. Some folks you ain't neber gonna figure out - you just gots to accept them where they be. Dere ain't no way to get inside a person's head and figure out what makes them be the way they be. You just got to accept them"  ~Sarah


  1. Thanks for the really cool video Ron. You answered some questions I had lurking in my head.

  2. Good post, loved the video, it have so much information and added value in my information. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Thanks for sharing the informative video! I am in the midst of my DIY project building a storage cabinet. This demo would definitely come in handy! Hope to see more sharing like this in the future Ron.