Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Disbanding the Dovetail Saw Collection

I enjoyed putting together a collection of dovetail saws by nearly all of the contemporary saw makers over the last years. It was my way of doing business with people that operate very similarly to myself and it was also a way of investing in the hand tool community.

It was also a lot of fun for me and many others to be able to pull out all those saws and compare them side by side. I think a lot of my friends made decisions about which saw they might purchase after having the opportunity to go thru my collection and try each saw.

Lately I've started feeling a bit guilty about these wonderful tools not fulfilling their destiny and being used so I decided to liberate these tools into hands that will actually use them for cutting dovetails and building hand wrought furnishings.

The Wenzloff Harvery Peace saw was the first to go. I posted this for sale on The Woodnet "Swap and Sell" forum and it sold in a matter of minutes. This morning I've posted three more saws and the Medallion Toolworks saw (pictured below) also sold within minutes of posting.

The Gramercy Saw has a great looking etch on the plate and this saw was purchased completed from Tool For Woodworking. It was not a saw made from one of their kits.

 The Lie-Nielsen saw was one of the only saws that I did not purchase directly from the source. I actually got this from Bob Zajicek at Czeck Edge Hand Tools.

All of these saws have experienced very limited use which is why I stated that I was "liberating" them from my tool chest. They deserve to be used.

Once these are sold I have one more to list. Of the saws I've decided to sell I've saved one of the best for last. No it's not the Eccentric Toolworks saw from Andrew Lunn. Sorry.(grin)

FYI. All 3 saws are sold.


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