Engraved Planes

A joint project with Engraver Catharine Kennedy.

This 3 piece kit of planes was made for John Rexroad. They feature engraving on the exterior as well as on the interior of the plane body.

The interior engraving was performed prior to assembly of the body. As such, this required exchanging the parts between Catharine and Myself on several occasions. As you can imagine this process was quite involved. Parts were machined, masked and shipped to Catharine for interior engraving. She then returned all parts to me for assembly. After the assembly was performed I returned the plane body to Catharine for the exterior engraving. She then returned the plane body to me for final detailing, fitting of the wooden components, (in this case highly figured Olive), and final tuning for operation.

JR Winter Smoother

J.R. Winter Panel Plane

J.R. Brute Shooting Plane

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