Thursday, February 21, 2013

Julie's Porch, Part 4

In construction the right sequence of events is important and now that the post and rim joist were attached to the house structure it was time to in stall the rafter tails.

These were installed by fastening from the inside of the rim joist and also marked the location where the exposed rafters would be on the inside of the rim.

The doubled rafters were not the easiest to install. Once in place side by side they were spiked together with square cut nails. Nothing short of a threaded fastener will pull two pieces of wood together better than a square cut nail.

When all the rafters were in place it was time to attached the roof sheathing. This involved a layer of 3/4" AC plywood pre primed on the underside and then another layer of water proof luan. Building up this thickness would keep the roofing nails from penetrating through to the interior of the ceiling under the porch.

Roofing and flooring next time, and below a reminder about the HandWorks event coming up this spring in Amana, Iowa.



  1. Ron,

    The porch is coming along beautifully! I bet Julie is looking forward to having a cool glass of lemonade in her new shady space...and perhaps a romantic dance in the early evening...
    It should prove to be a very useful's OH-SHUM!!! Be well friends!


  2. You're right Louis. My son in law is already referring to this as a sipping porch but I don't think he was talking about lemonade.