Friday, July 19, 2013

The Different Personalities of the French Oak Roubo Project

Today as I was moving thru the shop at Wyatt Childs I began thinking about this group of bench builders and how diverse a group they are. Included in these people are Doctors, Attorneys, Glass artist, Auto Body Shop Proprietors, Tech Gurus, Woodworking Store Owners, Surveyor, Plane Maker, the list goes on and on.

Yet this week they are all like minded people converging in a common task. I can describe them all in just two words "Good People".



  1. Thanks for sharing the great pictures Ron. It has always seemed to me that inherently woodworkers are some of the nicest people in the world. I haven't been a part of a better community or one as willing to share ideas so willingly.
    This Roubo build is exciting to see. Its great to see professional and amateur woodworkers side by side. Pretty sweet picture of Mr. Miller sporting a Ron Brese T-shirt. Im sure that didn't influence your picture selection. lol


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