Monday, November 4, 2013

Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event at WoodCraft Atlanta

Besides being a very well stocked woodworking store and having a well appointed shop adjacent to a state of the art teaching facility, WoodCraft Atlanta is a very friendly, welcoming place to visit. You can tell the customers that frequent this store are comfortable there. I don't know about you but I'm always going to migrate to the place where I feel comfortable and this weekend during the 2 days I spent in this store it was apparent the people that frequent this store feel the same.

I know when I walk thru the door Steve Quehl, Robert and the rest of the staff are going to welcome my presence and if it's your first time there they'll do the same for you.

I've participated in several events at this store and this weekend there was lots of activity.

Curtis and Tim were on hand from Lie-Nielsen demonstrating tools and answering questions. These guys are knowledgeable and charismatic about hand tool work. If you talk to Tim you may well learn a bit about lobster fishing as well.

The local SAPFM chapter members were there performing all kinds of interesting work. These members basically just bring in pieces or parts of pieces they have in process so people can observe them performing these task. It's pretty amazing and it's a learning experience as well. The tool chest below was made by a gentleman named Ken Kline and it is an amazing piece of work. He's brought this piece along to other events and I always discover something different about it every time I have the pleasure to see it.

The chair below is the work of Marion Smith. The details in both of these pieces is remarkable.

Several local turners were on hand during both days turning all kinds of different objects. With the holidays approaching Christmas tree ornaments seemed to be a popular item.

Bob Zajicek of Czeck Edge Tools was there with a full array of his offerings and Jon Fiant a local Work Bench Builder from Marietta was on hand talking to folks about workbench construction. The bench in front of them was made by Steve Quehl at the French Oak Roubo Project this summer. Bob and Jon were standing next to a piece of history.

There was also a bandsaw tune up clinic and a Saw Stop demonstration, and I was there as well showing some planes that I had just completed, but I was the one taking the pictures so you'll have to take my word for it.


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